Our vision is to provide biological and technical support to our customers and facilitate proof of concept validations of the projects prior realization.

At PSI plants are the basis for most of our research. We have decades of experience in developing innovative technology for both the environmentally controlled cultivation of plants and for sophisticated non-invasive analysis of various plant traits. For this reason we established the PSI Research Center where the newest high-end technology is available for your research.

The mission of the PSI Plant Phenotyping Research Center is to provide state-of-art infrastructure for plant cultivation and automated high-throughput phenotyping of wide range of phenotypic plant traits among various plant species under precisely controlled environmental conditions.

We offer access to cutting edge instruments and provide professional support of highly skilled technical and scientific personnel. Infrastructure of the PSI Plant Phenotyping Research Center is available for use by visiting scientists and on fee-for-service basis for a wide range of phenotyping and plant cultivation experiments.

The Plant Phenotyping Research Center operates high-end walk-in growth chambers for precise growth of plants and PlantScreenTM platforms for automated phenotyping of small and mid-size plants small and mid-size plants in controlled environment (e.g. turfgrass, Arabidopsis thaliana) and for cultivation and monitoring of larger crop plants up to 1.5 meter in height in semi-controlled greenhouse environment.


  • Perform your own research supported by the PSI scientific team
  • Choose a complete phenotyping service performed by the PSI researchers
  • Make your students skilled: diploma work or Ph.D. positions are opened at PSI Research Center
  • Cooperate with us and turn your remarkable ideas into reality


  • Automated Plant Phenotyping Systems
  • High-End LED based plant growth facilities
  • Modern laboratory (molecular biology, analytics, microbiology)
  • Newest PSI instrumentation and technology
  • Accommodation directly in the PSI Research Center

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