Chemical Analysis

Internal PSI (Photon Systems Instruments) laboratory is equiped with various instrumental technics and offres many analytical measurements including complex chemical analyses in different matrixes. Except spectral methods base (UV/VIS spectrometers, Fluorometers) there are special analytical methods for chemical components identification and quantification.

Our analytical laboratory provides either raw data or a comprehensive analytical report including methodology, technical data and interpretation of results.

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HPLC/DAD identification and quantification of non-volatile organic analytes extracted from matrix into organic solvents. We are focused on the group of plant and algal pigments, several tetrapyrrol intermediates, polyphenols, etc.

ICP - mass spectrometer

Wide range of macro- and microelements determination including trace element analysis by ICP - mass spectrometer (ICP/MS). The standard matrixes are water solution samples and/or digested biological materials.

MS GAS-100

Identification and quantification of gases (residual gas analyses), volatile compounds and pollutants, solvents using MS GAS-100, our new mass analyser. The device allows on-line long-time simultaneous measurements of various volatile analytes. Instrument modular inlet contains membrane probe suitable for gaseous and/or liquid environment or needle valve inlet for only gaseous samples.

TOC/TN analyser

Quantitative analysis of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (IC) and total nitrogen (TN) with TOC/TN analyser. Water solutions (e.g. drink water, waste water, pool water, cultivation media etc.) or cell suspensions are typical matrixes for TOC/TN analysis.