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Orders and Payments

Orders and Payments

  • 1. Simply turn your quote to an order by completing the table in the quote's bottom part.
  • 2. Provide us with your own order form.
  • 3. Download and complete this ready-to-use Order Form.
    Download Ordering Form
  • Please email your order to zc.isp@anavi or zc.isp@gniredro or fax it to +420 511 440 901.
  • Purchase Order must include: delivery and invoicing address of the university/institute/company; tax registration number (VAT number); name, phone and e-mail address of the person responsible for the order at the Buyer's side.
  • Wire transfer is the preferred payment method. It is the quickest and least expensive way to pay for your order. If you have a Quotation or an Invoice from us, that is all that your bank needs to make an electronic money transfer. PSI bank information for wire transfer is provided on the Quotation/Invoice. Please include your name and our Invoice/Quote number in the Wire Transfer reference.
  • Check may be accepted ONLY upon prior approval.
  • Credit card may be used in our Credit Card Payment Gateway. For details, write to zc.isp@anavi .
  • Letter of Credit is an unusual form of payment for PSI. Customers wishing to pay by Letter of Credit must alert PSI about this intent upon submission of the purchase order. PSI will furnish these Letter of Credit customers with additional terms and conditions specific to the issuance of the Letter of Credit. L/C content must be agreed by PSI prior to the L/C issuance. Letter of Credit administration fee is EUR 300 to 500. For details, write to zc.isp@anavi .
We accept:
  • Visa Visa Electron MasterCard Maestro
  • Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro
  • Embossed credit cards – VISA and MasterCard – are accepted without any restrictions.
  • Electronic cards - VISA Electron and Maestro – can be processed only if your bank allows this type of transaction.
  • Some banks also offer “Virtual Cards” for online internet payments.
  • Your bank will provide you more information about the possibilities of using the card for internet payments.

Paying with your card in our E-SHOP is safe:
At PSI, we are serious about payment security and therefore we use 3D-Secure System verified by the VISA Card Association and MasterCard Secure Code of the MasterCard Association. It ensures you that:
  • Your card is processed exclusively by the bank
  • Our employees have no access to the data
  • Your card is processed via the security HTTPS system that transmits only encoded data
  • Your card is protected from fraudulent use on the network

Important notes:
Your card information is processed by the security HTTPS bank system that encodes the transferred data and our employees receive only the result of authorization.

Our company is verified by the VISA Card Association and is a holder of the MasterCard Secure Code of MasterCard Association.

Please, keep in mind that the bank will not verify the transaction if:
  • A mistake is made while typing the data from your card
  • There is not enough money on your account
  • The payment goes over your limit for internet transactions
  • Your card is not valid for internet transactions